How to use eBooks to attract more clients.


Every day, potential clients secretly visit your website as part of their due diligence.

The more you impress them, the more likely they are to contact you.

So how can you win them over? Well, one way is to offer them an ebook they can download for free from your website. Assuming the ebook is well-written and full of high-quality information, it will position you as a trusted expert.

Even better, if the clients have to provide their contact details in exchange for the ebook, you’ll then be able to follow up, either with a phone call or an automated email series.

Your ebook should also include a call-to-action, so clients are prompted to take action even if they miss or dodge your follow-up communications.

You can also use ebooks as lead magnets in digital marketing campaigns. You offer clients a valuable free resource; in return, they provide their contact details.

There’s another way to use ebooks, which not many property and finance businesses know about. You don’t just put the ebook on your website for people to download; you also proactively send it to potential clients.

Imagine you run a financial advice firm. And imagine you get an email from someone who’s thinking about becoming a client. When you reply to their email, you could attach an ebook – How to Turbocharge Your Retirement Savings, for example.

Here are some more ebook ideas:

  • Mortgage brokers = How to Pay Off Your Mortgage 10 Years Ahead of Schedule
  • Buyer’s agents = How to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Property Portfolio
  • Real estate agents = The 5 Things You Must Do to Sell Your Home For Top Dollar
  • Accountants = How to Strengthen Your Cashflow and Build a More Profitable Business
  • Credit repair agencies = The Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Stop stressing about your writing problem.

Dump it on an expert and create a high-quality eBook today.

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