Award Submissions

How to stand out from 99% of your rivals.

Award Submissions

What’s better than you telling potential clients how good you are? An independent third party telling clients how good you are.

That’s where awards come in.

Obviously, winning an award can do extraordinary things for your business.

But even if you just get nominated, you’ll still get a boost, because this independent recognition will prove to potential clients that you’re a class above most of your rivals.

Once that happens, potential clients will start taking you much more seriously.

If you want to get nominated for an award, you need to impress the judges. A high-quality award submission is one that:

  • Makes specific claims – not vague, fluffy statements
  • Provides supporting evidence – to prove the claims are true
  • Tells stories – to stir the judges’ emotions

Here are three things you should do once you get nominated for an award:

  • Add an ‘awards finalist’ icon to your email signature and marketing collateral
  • Mention the awards nomination in your LinkedIn headline
  • Publish the exciting news on your website

It’s also likely the organisation running the awards will publish a list of finalists on its website. That will impress potential clients who secretly Google you as part of their research process.

The property and finance industries have a collection of prestigious industry awards, for mortgage brokers, buyer’s agents, real estate agents, accountants, financial advisers and builders. You can also enter local business awards.

Stop stressing about your writing problem.

Dump it on an expert and produce a high-quality award submission today.

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