“For landlords. By landlords.” That’s what sets NextGen Property Mgmt apart from rival property management businesses.

“We manage investment properties on behalf of investors. We are investors ourselves and take things personally,” managing director Chris Dimitropoulos says.

NextGen invests in a range of print and digital marketing, such as flyers, blogs, EDMs, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts and Instagram posts.

Chris also does telephone marketing (cold calling) and face-to-face marketing (networking).

“Networking with industry professionals is the easiest lead generation and acquisition. Otherwise, I have acquired some of my customers through Facebook,” he says.

Like many small businesses, NextGen faces a constant battle to turn the time and money invested in marketing into sales.

“Our biggest marketing challenge is costs and long lead time to convert, which for a small business can cripple cash flow,” he says.

For now, Chris says networking remains NextGen’s number one marketing channel.

“All my properties have come from my relationships,” he says.

“I need to continue to build my personal and business brand amongst the investor community and industry experts, such as mortgage brokers and buyer’s agents.”