Scott Morrison needs to keep the faith with small business, which helped him win re-election last weekend, according to the small business ombudsman.

“A Sensis report a few weeks ago showed 35% of small to medium enterprises were undecided on who to vote for before the election, but they made their voice heard on the day and will expect the Coalition to act on its pre-election policy commitments,” Kate Carnell said.

Ms Carnell said the Coalition government should order Treasury to review the “unfair” contract term legislation.

“The major changes are making unfair contract terms illegal and punishable; increasing the contract size threshold to $1 million for contracts up to 12 months and $5 million for contracts greater than 12 months; and increasing the number of small businesses protected – those with a turnover of up to $10 million,” she said.

“The government should also require departments to comply with unfair contract term legislation.”

Ms Carnell said improving payment times for small business would lift confidence, particularly if the government follows through on its promise to force the country’s 3,000 biggest businesses to publish payment information annually.

“We are pleased the government committed to move to pay small businesses within 20 days from 1 July and then develop a plan to introduce payment terms of five days when small businesses use e-invoicing.”