As a general rule, it’s better for small businesses to do more marketing rather than less. 

But there needs to be a point to all this marketing; consumers need to think you have a good reason for interrupting them.

Otherwise, your marketing will be seen as annoying spam rather than helpful content.

Good marketing always has a pretext. “We’re not interrupting you just to hit our sales targets,” the pretext suggests, “but because of this perfectly valid reason.”

Some pretexts are obvious – Christmas, Easter, Halloween, end of financial year, footy grand finals and the like. 

Because they’re obvious, consumers will accept marketing based on those themes.

But what happens when your small business wants to do some marketing and you don’t have an obvious pretext?

Every small business has its day

One solution is to conduct marketing based on a designated ‘international day’. For example, your small business could target International Women’s Day, which is held on March 8 every year, or World Environment Day, which is always held on June 5.

Now that we’ve jogged your memory, you can probably recall other small businesses running campaigns or posting blogs based on those prominent international days. 

What a lot of small businesses don’t realise, though, is that there are literally hundreds of these international days – many of which are obscure, but all of which offer potential marketing pretexts:

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could target entire months – Hot Breakfast Month in February, for example, or Photo Month in May.

To find your own day or month, click here and here.

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