Good marketing positions your small business as knowledgeable, credible and as the experts in your field. And those are all words that apply to the team at Animal Wellness

Animal Wellness is a full-service veterinary clinic that provides quality traditional and holistic care for pets and animals. They diagnose and treat a range of chronic illnesses, behavioural and emotional problems, as well as offering natural treatments and alternative therapies to support and enhance animals’ health and wellness. 

As well as teaching other vets about dental, behavioural and holistic therapies, Animal Wellness runs animal massage workshops and seminars at their clinic for the general public.  

Always be marketing 

Animal Wellness understands the importance of getting in front of people day after day with their marketing. They have a website, blog, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel which they use to provide interesting and relevant content that their audience cares about. These include videos, recipes, case studies and other helpful information. 

This marketing shows their audience that they are trusted and credible industry leaders, and completely passionate about what they do. To bolster these credentials they have a dedicated testimonial page, as well as over 75 glowing Google reviews. 

Extending their reach is a challenge 

While their Facebook page is one of their most successful marketing channels, Animal Wellness do struggle with Facebook limiting their distribution. Unfortunately, they are viewed as being ‘controversial’ even though their treatments are based on science. 

As such, one of the improvements that the team would like to make to their marketing is extending their reach so that they can show the public that they have more options and experience than most other veterinary clinics.