Heidi Schaefer has turned Bodyworks Massage Newborough into an incredibly successful small business since buying it 14 months ago.

The Victorian clinic is so popular that it’s fully booked for the next three months, and even has bookings out to 2021.

Bodyworks Massage Newborough mainly does muscular correction work, as well as alternative therapies. So why is this small business so in-demand?

“Professionalism and customer service that goes absolutely above and beyond, as well as a really in-depth knowledge of the human body,” Heidi explains.

Word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing

With so many satisfied customers, it’s no wonder Heidi describes word-of-mouth as Bodyworks Massage Newborough’s main form of marketing.

Heidi is also committed to paying her five staff well and keeping them happy – which, in turn, means they’re motivated to provide a great customer experience, which in turn leads to great word-of-mouth marketing.

The clinic pays for monthly coverage in the local paper’s health liftout, which includes both an ad and a profile piece.

Like many small businesses, Bodyworks Massage Newborough also does free social media marketing. It regularly posts on Facebook, sharing health tips, relevant articles and any massage slots that have suddenly become available.

This small business improved its image by improving its premises

You could argue, though, that Heidi’s greatest marketing investment was an $80,000 renovation and expansion she did soon after she bought the business.

The premises were turned from an old, unattractive space with no heating or cooling into a vibrant, climate-controlled place that people now enjoy visiting.

“It looks amazing. It looks like a professional clinic now. The inside looks beautiful,” Heidi says.

“It’s still an old industrial building, but now it’s comfortable for customers and staff. You’ve got to have a place looking and operating to a professional standard.”

The next marketing challenge is to build a website

While Bodyworks Massage Newborough is clearly a very successful small business, it has two marketing challenges, according to Heidi.

The first is to convince customers of the value of any new therapies it introduces – such as when the clinic invested in a flotation tank.

The second is to build a website for the business. 

“I really want a website, but I want to do it myself. I’ve been wanting to do it for about 10 months, but because I work so hard, I rarely get a chance to sit at a computer.”