Organic reach has steadily been declining on Facebook as they tighten their algorithms. In fact, the average organic reach on Facebook is now a mere 1% to 6%. If you want your posts in front of more eyeballs, you have to pay for advertising.

For small businesses with limited budgets for paid advertising, is Facebook still a viable channel and how can you increase your organic reach?

Create posts that encourage engagement

Facebook has become fussy about what it pushes through to news feeds. Trivial memes or quote graphics don’t cut it anymore. Posts that create meaningful interactions reach more news feeds. So, the trick is to create content that strikes a chord with an audience and starts a conversation. 

Images still work but videos are more successful, except YouTube videos. YouTube videos take the users away from the platform and Facebook doesn’t like that. Native Facebook videos work best. They have a 86% higher reach and receive a whopping 477% more shares.  

Grow your community on Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups remain a powerful tool for content marketers to connect with followers. The type of content you post can turn it into a thriving active community. Again, engagement is key. Posts that ask questions, encourage suggestions or have polls prompt members to interact. 

Once you have an engaged tribe, it’s easier to market to them. Be careful with being too salesy, though. People join Facebook groups to interact with like-minded people on relevant issues or problems. If too much marketing is thrown at them, they’ll disengage from your brand. 

Use Facebook’s other apps to your advantage

Facebook owns Messenger and Instagram. They also have Facebook Live that you can use to stream live recordings of your company’s events and activities. 

Messenger is Facebook’s direct messaging app and attracts over 1.3 billion users every month, of which 13 million are Australian. Customers can contact your business via Messenger from your Facebook page and you can respond pronto. 

Instagram is one of the last vestiges of organic marketing, so make the most of it while it lasts. However, should you want to boost Instagram posts or reach more people on Messenger, both platforms offer sponsored posts.

Need help with your social media content? Social media is one of the best ways to reach customers and Facebook still has a place in your content marketing strategy. For help with social media marketing, contact Hunter & Scribe at [email protected].