Video is quickly becoming one of the most important forms of content marketing. It’s a great way to generate leads, increase brand awareness and get customers’ eyeballs on your social media content.  But did you know that it’s also incredibly important when it comes to your small business’ website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts? 

Most small businesses are aware of the value of SEO, and how it helps increase a website’s visibility. The higher a website ranks, the more views it receives when people search and click through.  

Google’s algorithms are progressively prioritizing websites which include video content. For example, including a video on a page increases organic traffic from search engine results page (SERP) by 157%, and people tend to spend more than twice the time on a page with video than without.

So what’s the best way of using video to boost your website’s SEO? 

  1. Video positioning. Make sure the video is posted on a designated page surrounded by other well-written or visual content. However, don’t rely only on the video to drive traffic. You need to optimise the page as well, otherwise the search engines won’t crawl it.
  2. Create subtitles.  Video transcripts impact SEO in two ways. Firstly, they make the video accessible to a larger audience, reducing your bounce rate. Secondly, they make the video more ‘scrapable’ by Google’s search bots as there’s additional text on the page.
  3. The video should be easily found. If you hide your videos way down a page, your website’s visitors might not be inclined to scroll down long enough to find it. This means low play rates. Search crawlers are also unlikely to go out of their way to index a hidden video. 
  4. Avoid embedding in multiple places
    By embedding the same video on several pages, you end up competing against yourself.

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