Marketing is more complex than simply advertising a product. What compels a consumer to buy is the emotional response to that product or brand. Emotional marketing, when done properly, can significantly boost sales. Around 31% of advertisers report gains in profit after an emotional marketing campaign. 

What is emotional marketing?

Human beings have a logical brain and an emotional brain. The logical brain will analyse a product’s features, quality, and price to make a sound decision based on facts. The emotional brain is more inclined to make a snap decision based on feelings. This is what often drives impulsive shopping.

Why does emotional marketing work? Because most people connect with emotion, even if it’s a negative one. That’s what makes someone donate to the RSPCA after seeing a neglected sad-looking puppy in a TV ad. In marketing, the stronger the emotional trigger, the more sales you’re likely to make.   

How should you use emotion in your marketing?

There are six main emotions: happy, sad, afraid, surprised, disgusted, and angry. Build emotion into your marketing campaigns and you should see an uptick in sales. Here’s how to create an emotional marketing campaign.

Tell a story

Customers connect more with a story than a list of product features. Do you design bespoke wedding dresses? Ask brides for their stories and share these in your marketing campaigns. It’s a great way to start and keep a brand conversation going on social media

Be authentic

Consumers can spot inauthenticity and it can damage your credibility. Trust plays a big role in brand loyalty. If you create fake or exaggerated emotional campaigns, they may shun your brand altogether. 

Inject personality into your marketing

Bland and boring seldom inspires anyone. The brands that people love are the ones that grab our attention. Don’t be afraid to inject personality into your marketing. A wacky, humorous, playful, or even controversial brand voice evokes emotion. The clothing brand, Benetton, has a reputation for controversial advertising campaigns that often provoke strong emotional responses.  

Emotional marketing is tricky. If it isn’t well-executed, it can come across as cheesy or over the top. Using the wrong words can create the wrong result. Working with a marketing agency, like Hunter & Scribe, can help you achieve better results with your content marketing campaigns. Contact us at [email protected]