User-generated content(UGC) has got to be one of the most effective content marketing strategies small businesses can try out.

So, what exactly is UGC? Simply put, UGC is content that is created and contributed by the actual consumer of the product or service in question.

UGC benefits your small business in the following ways:

  • People tend to trust and find UGC more credible than content created by someone paid to do the job.
  • You don’t have to invest that much time or money on creating and promoting your content – your fans do it for you! 
  • When you use your audience’s content, you put them in the limelight. This can go a long way in morphing them into your most committed and loyal customers.
  • It can drive more traffic to your website

How to use UGC to drive traffic to your website: 

  • Social media content like Instagram photos, Facebook posts and Snapchat videos that contain a mention of your product/service are a great example of UGC. Share the most relevant of these to your website and you’ll be good to go.
  • Ask your customers a few questions related to your services/products and ask them to publish their answers on your product page.

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