Every industry is different. Some offer endless opportunities to create exciting content. Others, not so much. But every industry has something interesting to write about. It’s all about how you approach it. Here’s how to write interesting content for “boring” industries.

Write in layman’s terms

Technical industries are laden with jargon and verbose language. Unless you’re writing for an audience within the industry, simplify the content as much as possible. The average person doesn’t understand nor has an interest in jargon. Write in layman’s terms. Not only does it make the article more palatable to the reader but it’s easier to write.

Be creative with topics

Good content marketers can make even dull industries sound interesting. It all depends on the topic you choose or the angle you take. Be creative and think of topics you can apply to everyday life. 

For example, if you’re in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) business, writing about ductwork and thermostats can make both the writer and reader yawn. Finding ways to apply the benefits of HVAC systems make it more relatable. Better air quality for allergy sufferers or HVAC tips to cut the electricity bill are topics homeowners can relate to.

Focus on solutions

Helpful content isn’t boring to the right audience. Consider your audience and what their pain points are. If you’re writing blog posts, make it useful and informative. If you’re writing case studies, demonstrate how your business solved a client’s problem or increased their sales.

When people search the internet, they are usually looking for answers to problems. Attract them with content that provides preventative advice or offers solutions. If they like what they read, it may prompt them to explore your services.

A good content marketing strategy is especially important for less interesting industries. If you can find ways to hook your audience, you stand a better chance of engaging them and possibly converting them to customers. 

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