Among all the online clutter, it’s a headline that makes people stop scrolling and click. Only 2 out 10 people who see a headline go on to read a blog post. That means you could have an excellent piece of content but if you slap a poor headline on it, 80% of people will not read it. 

Headlines convert and that’s why they’re so important in content marketing. Writing headlines is hard, but once you learn how to write good headlines, it will make a big difference to your conversion rates. 

3 ways to write attention-grabbing headlines

Writing headlines is a skill that you can improve. Practice these 3 principles and soon you’ll be knocking out click-worthy headlines.

  1. Use numbers

Listicles and headings using numbers are common because they work. Want proof? 

Interestingly, headlines with odd numbers seem to have a higher click-through rate.

  1. Evoke emotion

Why do we watch and share funny animal compilation videos? Because they make us laugh. Fear, sadness, happiness, compassion, and inspiration evoke emotion and people are drawn to headlines that embody that. Conveying a sense of urgency also prompts a reader to click a heading. 

  1. Pique the reader’s curiosity

Humans are inquisitive creatures. Surprising or shocking headlines grab attention. If you can find an unusual element to your story, spin the headline in a way that will pique the reader’s curiosity. However, don’t resort to clickbait headlines. If a headline doesn’t live up to its title, your readers will quickly lose trust in your content, and ultimately, your brand. 

Need help with headlines? Writing headlines isn’t easy. If you don’t have the knack for it, enlist the help of a professional content marketing agency. Hunter & Scribe’s team of creative copywriters are here to help with all your content marketing needs. Email us at [email protected]