It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? 

All you have to do is write a couple of sentences to go with your Instagram posts. It really isn’t something worth fussing about – especially not when you’ve got a business to tend to.

Hold that thought! We’re here to tell you that the caption on your Instagram post might even be more important than the visual itself. 

What are Instagram captions?

An Instagram caption is a brief written description that you post alongside the actual image on Instagram. 

It serves to provide context to the image itself and is typically limited to 2200 characters, though a typical caption doesn’t usually go beyond 100 characters.

Why does it matter that I write great Instagram captions?

Feel free to knock out anything you like for your personal Instagram. 

But if it’s the Instagram account of your small business in question – know that those captions will impact your marketing, branding, and ultimately revenue. 

  • It’s the best way to engage with your audience Your website, newsletters and ads aren’t very effective ways of engaging with your audience. Social media, however, is a platform where people generally let their guard down. 
  • You get to choose how you want to portray your business. What is the core essence of your brand? Humility, courage, boldness? Whatever it may be, social media captions are your best opportunity to deliver it in its most personal form possible.

Level up your Instagram captions with these tips

  1. Embody your brand’s tone of voice. Get familiar with your brand tonality – and stick to it to a T. Legal firms, for example, might want to steer clear of emojis and excessive quirkiness.
  2. Ask yourself why you’re writing this caption. Are you directly selling something? Is it meant to be an educational and informative post? The way you write boosted posts directly advertising a product needs to be bolder and more eye-catching. 
  3. Captions need CTA too. That’s right, every single one. It doesn’t have to be a checkout page or newsletter form, just somewhere an interested individual can go to learn more about your business.

Sometimes, writing social media captions can seem like a trivial task in the grand scheme of things. Good news! You can outsource the writing of all your social media posts to us at Hunter & Scribe. Contact us at [email protected].