What is effective writing? Easy. It’s any text, email or letter that clearly communicates a message from your small business to your customer or supplier.

In some cases, it also means not just making the other party understand what you’re trying to say, but also influencing them to take a certain action.

So if your small business is unable to write well, its effectiveness is undermined.

With that in mind, you should always ask yourself the following two questions before writing anything.

1. What am I trying to achieve?

Are you trying to do nothing more than convey a message? Or are you trying to convey a message and get your customer to do something, such as subscribe to a mailing list or buy a product?

2. How can I accomplish my goal?

Once you’ve decided what goal you want your writing to achieve, you need to decide what tone to adopt, what words to choose and how best to structure your communications.

If you can nail your writing, your small business will improve its marketing and customer relations.

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