Publishing engaging, compelling content is a crucial part of small business marketing. Knowing that is one thing, actually doing it is another! Here’s how, and why, you should adopt a content marketing strategy that’s aimed at customers’ hearts, not their heads. 

Have a conversation 

A lot of small business owners think they need to be amazing writers to do their own content marketing. Ironically, one of the secrets of good writing is not trying to impress your readers, but simply making things easy for them to understand.

We tend to default to formal language when we put pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard). But for most industries, this isn’t the best way to connect with your customers. Rather try and adopt a conversational style. How would you explain something to the customer if they were actually standing in front of you? 

Put your audience first 

When you’re creating content for your brand, it’s natural to want to put your brand first. But if you want to write content that actually connects with your customers, you have to put them first.  

What’s in it for them? 

How can this product or service actually improve their lives, or solve a problem for them? 

Rather than just launching into a sales pitch, take a step back and remember why the customer is here in the first place. They probably don’t care that your product is available in two funky colours that your competitors don’t offer. They definitely do care whether it will solve their current problem or not.     

Don’t just use words

Images, even free stock images, help to keep the reader engaged and focused. Long, unbroken chunks of text are intimidating – especially if the reader is pressed for time. If you need to use a lot of words to get all the details across, make sure you offer some visual elements to keep the page interesting.  

 Get emotional 

Details, facts, figures, and features inform. Feelings and emotions are what can actually reach your reader, and turn them into a paying customer. Always consider that when writing your content, and you’ll find it becomes a whole lot more persuasive and effective. 

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