Product descriptions have a direct impact on conversion rates. They’re the last step in the customer’s journey before hitting the “add to cart” button.

A product description shouldn’t only describe the features of a product, it should also explain the benefits in a way that is enticing and evokes a reaction or emotion. When a product sounds appealing or customers feel it adds value, they are more likely to buy it. Here’s how to write product descriptions that win rather than lose customers.

How to write a great product description

Product descriptions are tricky. Because they’re short, you have fewer words to convince a customer to buy the product. You need to make every word count. Here’s how to write compelling and concise product descriptions that convert leads into customers.

Create buyer personas

When you know who you’re selling to, you can write better copy. Buyer personas are profiles of the different types of buyers you serve. 

Don’t be afraid to be super detailed — right down to the age, income, shopping preferences, and even personality traits. The clearer the picture of the customer you’re selling to, the easier it is to write a product description that targets them. 

Use sensory language

Creative language is key to writing great product descriptions. You want the customer to get a sense of the feel, smell, look, sound, or taste of the product, depending on what you’re selling. 

Think of wine descriptions, for example. “A bold red wine with woody overtones and hints of plump cherries” sounds more inviting than “a full-bodied fruity red wine”.

Be careful, though. You want to be descriptive without being hyperbolic. Exaggeration will backfire if the product doesn’t live up to the description.

Don’t forget about SEO

It’s easy to overlook SEO when writing product descriptions. You’re so focused on describing the product that you forget to add a keyword or two. There’s no point in having product pages with beautifully-written copy that attracts little to no traffic. On-page optimisation can help your product pages rank higher in searches and draw new customers. 

Need help writing product descriptions that sell?

You put a lot of effort into attracting customers to your product page. Don’t lose them with a badly written product description. Hunter & Scribe can help your small business write copy that snags more customers. Contact us at [email protected].