Every small business owner knows you should do everything in your power to remain competitive and relevant within your industry. As such, you can’t just sit around waiting for your target customers to find you, but sometimes need to go out and look for them. 

Sending out a cold marketing email can be an excellent way of getting new leads. You can tell potential customers about your product or solution and hopefully them to buy or click through, depending on the nature of your business. 

How to write a good cold marketing email:

  • Interesting subject lines: Your subject line should grab attention and not be overly focused on sales. It shouldn’t be generic and should entice your reader to open the email. A few ideas for killer subject lines:
    • Put promotional items, freebies, or discounts in the subject line
    • Use open-ended questions to grab attention
    • Make it relevant and avoid creating false expectations
  • Keep content lean, personalised, and easy-to-read: Do your research on the recipient and include a personalised opener. Use their name instead of a generic salutation, and compliment them on something that they’ve recently done. More ideas for engaging body copy:
    • Use spaces, short sentences, and paragraphs of 3 – 4 lines max for ease of reading
    • Introduce yourself, get to the point quickly, and keep it concise
    • Include contact information 
  • Build credibility into the body of the email: Tell your reader why it would be mutually beneficial to engage with you. Your company name and pitch won’t be enough. Here are a few things to include:
    • Social proof to demonstrate the value engaging with your brand will hold
    • The number of followers or subscribers you have on social media
    • Other high-ranking businesses that you have worked with in the past

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