Have you invented a new product? Are you launching a new service? Or have you reached a significant milestone in your small business? It’s time to tell the world about it! And to do that, you will likely need to write a media release. 

Why are media releases important for a small business? 

As a small business owner, you’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing an excellent product or service, and building relationships with your customers. But it’s not enough to have active social media accounts and an engaging website

If you’re smart, you can reach new customers and build your business’s reputation outside of Australia by being featured in magazines, international trade publications, newspapers, and other online media sources. 

And the reason why media releases should be a key part of your small business marketing strategy is that they can lead to valuable, free exposure. 

So how do you capture the attention of the broader media? Through a well-written, targeted, and engaging media release. 

Editors are always looking for the next big story that will capture their readers’ attention. But they receive hundreds of media releases every day, so it’s important to ensure yours stands out.

What exactly should an effective media release include?

A media release is a short piece of copy, usually around 500 words long. It should showcase your product, service, or milestone in such an exciting way that editors want to share the news with their readers.  

It’s the ‘taster’ before the feast. If the media release is well-written and includes relevant, newsworthy information, a publication may just publish it as-is. 

What makes a media release stand out?

Target relevant media. Think carefully about what information you want to share, and the target market that would be interested in it. For example, beauty magazine editors and their readers wouldn’t be keen on hearing about a new engineering product. So pick your publications carefully.

Get to the point – fast. Start with a catchy headline that makes the editor want to know more. Then include relevant content, highlighting the product, service, or milestone and why their readers should know about your small business. Don’t include a whole history lesson before you share the real news. 

Include credible contacts. Make sure your release includes contact details for a reliable person that the media can speak to for more information, and links to your website and social media accounts.

Added extras. Smaller publications may want to publish the release as-is. So try to include three to four good quality, high-res photographs that are relevant to the release. 

A media release is not an entire newspaper article by itself. Stick to the core message, showcase it in an exciting way, and you and your small business will get the attention you deserve. 

Can you outsource media releases?

If you don’t feel comfortable with your writing skills and want to focus on what you do best – building and maintaining your small business – then don’t be afraid to outsource your media releases to the experts. 

Hunter & Scribe has the knowledge, experience, and creative spark needed to make your media release stand out from the crowd. Send an email to [email protected] to find out more