With all the focus on online advertising, it’s easy to overlook traditional small business marketing methods that are just as effective.

Enter the humble sidewalk sign – a decidedly analogue means of communicating to customers. Walk down any shopping street in Australia, and you’ll stumble across a plethora of them.

Their job is simple, and they are good at it. Signs attract the attention of passing customers and let them know who you are, and what you do. On top of that, they deliver a fantastic ROI for a small sum of upfront cash. 

Chalkboard vs printed

Sidewalk signs come in two main varieties, with pros and cons attached to each. 

Printed signs are sleek and professional. However, once printed, it’s difficult to change the image or text. Chalkboards, the perennial coffee shop favourite, look less professional but can easily be changed. 

What to write?

As with most forms of marketing, brevity is key. Passersby will only glance at your sign for, at most, a few seconds, so don’t be tempted to overload it with information. Ensure you include a key message or call to action. 

As an independent small business, use the sign to show off your personality. It’s a great way to differentiate your business from the bland corporate competition. Humour is a great way of doing this, but be cautious to not accidentally insult your target audience. If you pitch it right, your humble sign might gain social media traction, and gain you additional free marketing. 

Finally, make sure your sign doesn’t draw attention for the wrong reasons. Check with your local council beforehand if they permit signs on the footpath – and if they do, if there are any rules you need to obey.

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