Imagine you’re trying to decide between two different small businesses to print some marketing flyers for you. They have similar prices and turnaround times. 

However, one of their websites features some glowing customer testimonials, and the other doesn’t. Which do you think you’ll choose? 

It’s obvious that putting some effort into collecting testimonials and encouraging your happy customers to leave more online reviews has the potential to bring in more business. We take a look at why this is, and how to go about it!  

Why customer testimonials are such a powerful form of marketing

The single biggest reason customer testimonials work? People trust other people more than obvious advertising or marketing tactics! 

We all know that paid ads are likely to gloss over any flaws in a product or service. But hearing that your product actually solved a problem for a real life human, in that human’s own words, is quite different.

They’re also great for small business marketing, as they require very little cash outlay, if any. 

How small businesses can get more testimonials

Hint: ask for them!

Whenever you’ve had a positive interaction with a client, make sure the conversion doesn’t end there. Let them know how much you appreciate their business, and how their story could help others in a similar position. 

In addition, you can offer to link their testimonial back to their website, which helps their SEO. It’s a win-win. 

Think outside the box:

Make your service stand out. If you deliver, post, or courier a physical product to your customers, don’t forget the power of handwritten thank you cards! Knowing you’ve made a special effort to personalise their order is a fantastic way to set yourself apart as a brand. Ask them ultra-nicely if they’d be kind enough to write a testimonial for your site, or leave a short review on your website or preferred review platform. 

What makes for a good customer testimonial? 

While lengthy testimonials are great, you do want to ensure some basics are easily established, essentially: 

  • What the customer’s problem was, and
  • How your product or service solved that problem 

A lot of people battle to find exactly what to say in a testimonial when they’re put on the spot, so give a few examples or prompts to get them going, such as: 

  • What did you like best about our service?
  • How did our product help you?

In some instances, busy customers might even prefer that you write the testimonial for them, and they simply edit, tweak, and sign off on it. If you’re getting stuck on the creative side, remember that small businesses can outsource the writing of their customer testimonial templates to Hunter & Scribe!