You’re feeling pretty pleased with yourself. After a lot of tears, sweat and late nights, your small business’ website is looking good – really good. 

It’s full of engaging content and insightful information that will drive any customer to action. 

Then you check out your traffic stats, and all this effort feels like a waste. What’s the point of having an all-singing and all-dancing website if no one visits it? 

There are lots of ways to drive traffic to a website, many of which involve dabbling in SEO. But this can quickly eat up your small business’ marketing budget. 

So you might want to try social media instead. As well as being a great way to engage with your audience, it can be an incredibly effective traffic driver. 

How to use social media to drive traffic

  • Include a link to your homepage. Do this on all your social media profiles.
  • Share your content. What’s the point in writing a blog if no one knows it’s there? Promote it across all your social media channels.  
  • Share your content (again). While we’re not advocating spammy behaviour, there’s nothing to stop you repurposing content to share again. For example, you could quote a different snippet or ask your audience a question on the content. Whatever you do, make sure it’s fresh by never sharing the same message twice.
  • Use visuals. Well-chosen images and/or videos stand out against the sea of words in people’s feeds. 

That said, it all comes down to a simple equation. The more followers and engagement you can get on your social media, the better chance of driving traffic to your small business website

And how do you get more social media followers and engagement? By regularly posting quality content on your profiles. 

Now, we get it. There are already not enough hours in the day to run your small business without then having to put in the extra time on social media. There is another way. You can outsource your social media posting to an expert content marketing agency, like Hunter & Scribe.

Well-written social media posts will drive traffic to your website, which is the digital marketing backbone of your small business. 

Contact Hunter & Scribe at [email protected] if your small business wants to outsource its marketing.