When most small businesses think of digital marketing, they typically associate it with online results. 

Yes, you’ll get to expose your brand to the world.

Yes, you’ll be able to capture more leads.

Yes, you’ll be able to skyrocket your online sales.

But you’ll also get to drive more physical customers to your storefront! 

Online efforts for great offline results

Your online visitors can be converted to in-store customers because they rely on social media to find you.

Without an online presence, be it your website, Google business listing, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, potential customers only have traditional avenues as a means to find your business. 

3 steps to using social media to drive foot traffic to your small business

Marketing for online traffic vs offline traffic requires a different approach. 

  1. Show them what they’re missing out on. Your physical storefront is one of your strongest assets. While businesses such as consulting firms and advisories typically rely heavily on graphic design and content as the base for their social media marketing efforts, you have your store to leverage on. Take advantage of this and include content featuring your store, customers, staff or products/services sold in-store. Show potential customers what they can expect!
  2. Give them a reason to drop by. Few people will say no to free items. Free trials, vouchers and exclusive in-store deals are great ways to get your audience to cross the bridge from online follower to offline customer. The key? All freebies need to be claimed in-store. 
  3. Keep your CTAs aligned. In your social media marketing efforts, the overarching theme should be getting customers into your store. Keep this call-to-action when planning anything – from your social media campaigns to your website copy.

That said, you don’t have to shoulder the burden of your social media marketing. You can outsource your social media writing to our team of remarkable writers here at Hunter & Scribe. Let us know more about your business at [email protected]!