Hiring people can be a headache. It’s critical that you get the right talent so that you can grow your small business. Yet it’s tough to find a skilled candidate, especially when you don’t have a dedicated HR team. 

Enter LinkedIn – the professional social network. It’s quietly changed the role of recruiting in the business world. 

So, how do you use LinkedIn to source great staff for your small business?

Get the basics covered

While you might have a personal profile, your business needs to have a company profile. Use this to post updates, including job ads, and attract followers.  

Make connections. The value of LinkedIn lies in the number and quality of your connections. You have to work on this all the time, though there are a few easy wins to be had:

  • Ensure all your employees have a profile connected to your company page. 
  • Include a link in your email signature 

Use your connections to share your posts, and amplify your reach.

Post regularly. LinkedIn advises posting at least once a day. While that might seem a lot, remember that the more you post, the more followers you attract and the larger your reach. 

Sorting the wheat from the chaff. So, once you’ve drawn up a list of potential candidates for your small business, how do you separate the great from the average?  

Screen candidates via LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn to view (and verify) candidates’ credentials, skills, endorsements, recommendations, education, and prior work history. 

Talk to middlemen. There’s a good chance that you will have a 2nd– or 3rd-degree LinkedIn connection to your potential candidates. Contact them and get some first-hand information. 

One last thing

There is a wealth of talent on LinkedIn that is, in theory, yours for the taking. However, for your efforts to be successful, it’s important to remember that it’s a two-way platform. While you’re checking out candidates’ profiles, people are checking out your profile too. To attract talent, you have to market your small business as an attractive place to work. 

And how do you do that? By posting content that:

  • Highlights what makes your small business special
  • Offers a unique perspective on your industry, product or service
  • Positions your company as a meaningful place to work 

If that sounds like a lot of content to create on a regular basis, it is. But the expert content writers at Hunter & Scribe can help. We can craft anything from ‘day in the life’ posts to beautifully written long-form articles that position you as a thought leader within your industry. 

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