As the world’s largest professional social media platform, LinkedIn is a powerful tool to market your business.

It is a place to engage with your customers at a personal level and build brand awareness. 

Here is how you can leverage LinkedIn to target potential customers and promote your small business.

Create an attractive profile

When getting started with LinkedIn, the first step is to create an attractive profile. 

Begin by uploading a clear and professional photo. It signifies that the voice behind the profile is a real person. After all, people do business with people. Do not use selfies or group photos. 

Another way to you might want to create a positive first impression is to incorporate your service or business in the cover photo.

It is important you fill out every section of your profile, or almost all, so potential clients can get to know you. So list your job history, education and skills, and get former employers, colleagues and customers to endorse your skills. Endorsements are social proof of value; they build trust.

When a potential customer reads your profile, it needs to align with their needs and convey trust. So instead of writing about how great you are, say something about how you can solve customers’ problems.

Create a compelling headline

Instead of listing your current job title, create a value statement which can catch the eye of your customers.

And when it comes to the skills section, always pick keywords your customers care about.

Create an effective company page

This page should allow customers to learn more about your small business. They also need to be able to find it, so don’t forget to insert relevant keywords in your company profile information. Use words or phrases that a potential customer would use when searching for your product or service.

Make connections

Build connections with professionals who may be interested in your company. 

Start with friends, colleagues, old colleagues, suppliers and customers. Next, use relevant keywords to search for more people to connect with.

And because LinkedIn allows you to connect with your connection’s connections, it automatically links you to hundreds of potential customers.

Publish engaging posts, articles and videos

These should be helpful and educational – but never salesy. And when replying to a customer’s comments, it is important to always sound friendly and professional, like you have a concise understanding of what you are talking about. It shows your expertise to potential customers.

Comment on posts

It’s not enough to simply post your own stuff. You should also comment on other people’s posts. It encourages interaction with those people and builds relationships with them.

With over 500 million professionals from around the world, LinkedIn is the perfect networking site to demonstrate value to potential customers and promote your small business.

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