When it comes to social media, the name of the game is engagement.

And what social media feature engages users better than Instagram Stories? Read on to find out how you can use this handy feature to help grow your small business.

There’s Instagram…and there’s Instagram Stories.

The Instagram Stories feature is modelled after Snapchat, where users can post a reel of photos and videos. You can even overlay text, stickers and designs over top. After 24 hours, the stories will automatically disappear. 

This means that content posted won’t stay on your feed and forever remain for viewers to see.

3 reasons small businesses will love Instagram Stories

There’s less pressure to create picture-perfect content

With Instagram Stories, followers don’t expect the same standards of professionalism as what you show on your feed. 

No, that doesn’t mean you can post subpar content that doesn’t match up to the rest of your brand. It means you can show a different side of your business without neglecting the volume of your content!

Stay on top of your followers’ feeds (and minds)

As small businesses, we’re always thinking about our customers. As much as we hate to admit it though – they’re not always thinking about us. 

Instagram stories helps you stay on top of your followers’ minds. Every time you post a story it gets bumped up to the top, so it pays to be consistent!

It’s the best way to interact with your audience 

According to Instagram, one in 5 stories successfully gets a direct message from its audience. 

Combined with a multitude of features designed just to engage your followers, stories are a great way to get closer to your followers and find out more about them.

4 ways to effectively use Instagram Stories to grow your small business.

  • Get customer feedback: From polls to question stickers, use these add-ons to your advantage to glean data directly from your followers
  • Go Live on stories:  Live videos can leave a memorable impact on your audience and is a great channel to use for things like product demos or Q&As
  • Use product tags and stickers: Reduce friction from the buyer journey with product tags and stickers, allowing keen buyers to click and be directed to your store immediately.
  • Create shareable assets:  Instagrammers love reposting on their stories. Create stunning branded materials such as checklists, quizzes and templates for users to use on their own. 

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