As any savvy small business owner knows, regularly publishing content is an effective strategy to attract visitors to your website. For most, this takes the form of a company blog. 

One of the hardest tasks in blog writing lies in keeping the content fresh. We’ve all been guilty of falling victim to a ‘she’ll be right’ mentality – especially when pushed for time or overloaded with other tasks. 

Now, what should a savvy small business owner do? Rather than publishing any old thing, consider inviting others to write content for you. It’s an invaluable marketing tactic that comes with major benefits: 

  • Free content. You can use other people’s work to promote your small business.
  • Diversity. New opinions, topics and voices will bring a breath of fresh air to any stale site.
  • Credibility. This happens when you attract well-known industry figures to write for your small business website. 
  • Free marketing & increased traffic. Guest bloggers expose your site to a wider audience, because the authors share and promote their work online.

So if guest blogging is good for business, how do you go about convincing people to write content for your site? 

First, target the right people. There’s no point asking a direct competitor, as you’ll get rebuffed. Rather approach non-rivals in complementary industries. Then sell them the benefits. 

Luckily, guest blogging is a win-win for all involved. 

What’s in it for them?

The biggest advantage for guest authors is that it allows them to promote themselves, cementing their credibility as an industry expert to your audience. Additionally, if they have their own website, publishing on yours improves their online visibility and search engine ranking. 

Still struggling for content ideas or traffic growth?

Approaching guest authors is but one way of combating a stale blog. The other is to outsource this work to a content marketing agency like Hunter & Scribe.

Our experts will deliver you quality content that will add credibility to your website and business. Contact us at [email protected] for help.