What would be the features of your dream small business marketing channel? For us, it should:

  • Reach out to millions of potential customers (without costing a fortune)
  • Let you interact with people on an individual level 
  • Be one of a customer’s preferred modes of communication 
  • Encourage them to pull the trigger on a purchase 
  • Have a streamlined process that’s easy to set up and manage

Now, what if we were to tell you that this channel already exists and you already use it in your social interactions? 

While you might think of Facebook Messenger as an instant messaging tool, it’s one of the fastest growing marketing channels out there. 

According to Facebook, its Messenger service attracts over 1.3 billion monthly users (of which 13 million are in Australia.) More than half of these are more likely to shop with a business they can message, and consider it the ‘modern way’ for businesses to communicate. 

So, how do you use it to generate sales for your small business? 

Have the basics covered

  • Set up instant replies and greetings for when a customer first contacts you. These make your business look professional and efficient. 
  • Manage your response time – the faster the better. 
  • Create saved responses to common queries to lighten your load. 
  • Use Messenger’s ‘Customer Cards’ to help you craft the perfect response. These display when a customer contacts you, and give information such as location, local time and interaction history. 

Click-to-Messenger Ads

Click-to-Messenger Ads are standard Facebook or Instagram ads that start a private conversation when a customer clicks them. Using these as your call-to-action lets you harness Facebook’s scale to reach people. You can then immediately bring the conversation down to a more personal level, tailoring responses to their needs. 

Sponsored Messages

These are ads displayed on existing Messenger conversations and are great for re-engaging old customers. Use these for sale and promotion reminders as well as business updates.   

As with all things Facebook, using Messenger for your small business takes work and time to get it right. 

If you have neither of those, then outsource your customer communications to Hunter & Scribe so you can concentrate on running your business.