As a small business owner you might be wondering if Facebook is worth your energy anymore.

There might be 15 milllion monthly active users in Australia – but getting your posts seen by any of them feels nigh on impossible. The harsh reality is that organic reach on Facebook is dead. 

Or is it? 

Let us share a small business marketing secret with you. 

Engagement levels on Facebook Pages are in a downward spiral. Yet they are skyrocketing on Facebook Groups. 

What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups have been around since 2009. They function as communities within the platform, organised around common interests or topics. Anyone within the group can start a conversation. 

From a marketing perspective, they are interesting in several ways.

  • As they are centred on a niche interest, conversations tend to be more insightful and go into greater detail. This allows you to position yourself as a thought leader within your industry. 
  • Facebook is actively promoting Groups by driving traffic to them. The platform sends a notification whenever anyone posts anything to the group. Also, group posts get a higher status on members’ news feeds.

How to use Facebook Groups to boost your small business

Anyone can start a Facebook Group, including businesses. The key is to do it right, otherwise all you’ll do is cultivate tumbleweed. 

  • DON’T base it on your business. Instead, create an interest-based group. People do not join groups to be marketed to. They join groups for interesting discussions on topics they are interested in. 
  • DON’T name it after your business. See above. Instead, use relevant keywords in the group’s name. The more specific the better – e.g ‘Training Greyhounds and other Sighthounds’ rather than ‘Training Dogs’.
  • Post regularly and always respond to members’ posts. Engagement breeds engagement. At the least, you should post three times per week, with an occasional open-ended question thrown in for good measure. 
  • Provide extra value to members. Everyone wants to feel special. Treat your members to exclusive content, such as discounts, free downloads or a deep dive into your subject matter. 
  • Make joining your group easy. Add an invitation to your website and include a link in your email newsletter. 

The downside of Facebook Groups

Managing a Facebook Group can be incredibly time-consuming. 

To grow your group, you need to post interesting content regularly. Then as it gets more successful, you need to keep a close eye on it to make sure there’s no spam or irrelevant content.

If you don’t have the energy or headspace for either of these tasks, or social media in general, never fear. Outsource your social media posting to Hunter & Scribe today. Contact us at [email protected]