Search Engine Optimisation is a rather technical field that some beginners may find intimidating. 

A good place to start off, however, would be with backlinks.

What are backlinks?

If you’ve stepped so much as half a toe into the world of SEO, no doubt you’ve come across backlinks.

Backlinks are also often called hyperlinks or inbound links. They’re nothing more than links from one website to another.

So if a website links your article on their page, you now have a backlink from their site.

What do backlinks have to do with my Google ranking?

Backlinks boost your SEO by serving as a vote of confidence for your website’s quality. 

A page or website that has multiple quality backlinks signals to Google: “Hey, this is a pretty informative page, look how popular it is with other sites!”

You might not believe a product is worth buying just because it claims to be the best. But if it’s got a ton of testimonials from your family and close friends, that might convince you to buy it. In that way, backlinks are sort of like testimonials.

When it comes to your Google ranking, the higher the better. A higher ranking will:

  • Help searchers find your business easier 
  • Get you more organic traffic
  • Increases your brand’s credibility
  • More opportunity to generate leads 

The best ways for small businesses to earn backlinks.

  • Write high-quality content that people want to link to: Content that’s valuable and informative will naturally attract backlinks. Of course, you have to promote it too, but know that great content will be easier to sell!
  • Start guest blogging: While guest blogging shouldn’t be done for the sole purpose of creating backlinks, it still remains a worthy link building tactic.

Guest blogging simply means writing an article or two for another site. You can then link to your website within the article or author’s bio. 

In the end, valuable content is key. Thing is…it can be a lot of work too. Leave your content marketing in our hands. Contact us at [email protected]