Most small business owners would agree on the benefits of creating a positive workplace environment – yet few take the steps needed to make it happen.

Offering employment and paying a salary are great, but that alone doesn’t produce a happy, loyal and motivated workforce.

Here are seven things to focus on if you want to turn your small business from a collection of individuals into a happy family that’s pulling in the same direction.

Give them a good office environment

The first thing you need to do to keep your staff happy is create a clean, safe workplace.

Celebrate their achievements

Next, go out of your way to recognise people when they do good work. This will make them feel respected, which in turn will motivate them to do more good work for your small business.

Delegate, don’t micromanage

If you want staff to produce good work, stop micromanaging them. Micromanagement breeds resentment. Set your staff a task and empower them to make it happen.

Pay them fairly

You also need to pay staff at reasonable rates – it doesn’t need to be exorbitant, but it does need to feel fair. And you also need to give them a chance to steadily grow their income.

Offer them growth

Similarly, you need to find some way to offer career growth to your staff. Few things make staff happier than the feeling that their life is moving in the right direction.

Get to know them

Another important step is to get to know your staff as people, rather than employees. After all, families are all about personal relationships. 

Let them take care of their own business

On the same note, you need to recognise that your staff have lives outside the office. So be flexible if they need to attend to personal matters.

Remember: a happy small business is a productive small business. When staff feel valued, they want to do right by their employer in return. And that, in turn, motivates them to do great work.

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