Good writing isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. 

As a small business owner, you communicate with staff, clients, and potential customers. Bad written communication can impact staff productivity, weaken client relations, and cause you to lose potential new customers. 

Here’s how to tell good vs bad written communications. 

It’s written with the reader in mind

Busy small business owners sometimes knock off emails in a hurry and inadvertently write in a way that assumes the reader understands the context around the topic. 

If you’re communicating with staff, too little information means staff will waste time asking for more details or proceed with a task incorrectly. This can lead to a drop in productivity. 

Write with the reader in mind, taking into consideration all the information they need. 

It’s short but clear

On the flip side, being too verbose is also problematic. Keep your sentences short and easy to read. Overly long sentences and paragraphs crammed with too much information overwhelm the reader. Most people don’t want to wade through long complicated writing. They want the information they need in a short and easily digestible format. 

It hooks the reader

Professional copywriters will tell you about the importance of having a hook in your writing. A hook captures a reader’s interest in the first paragraph and makes them want to continue reading. According to research, the average attention span of humans has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds; less than that of a goldfish! That means readers will move on quickly if you don’t grab their attention immediately. 

How good written communication benefits a small business

Most small business owners don’t realise how poor business communication impacts their business. Poorly constructed messages present an unprofessional image that can drive customers away. Good written communication isn’t just about grammar and punctuation. It also conveys the brand’s tone and adds punch to marketing messages that help win more customers. 

If writing isn’t your forte, outsource it to a professional freelance writer or content agency, like Hunter & Scribe. Our team of writers are experts at producing polished marketing content. Contact us at [email protected].