Converting a website visitor into a customer seldom happens the first time. That’s why repetition is important in marketing. 

On average, consumers need exposure to a brand seven times before they take the step to purchase. 

Retargeting encourages visitors to return to your website to buy your product. 

What is retargeting

Let’s say you’ve browsed a website that sells appliances but you didn’t go through with buying a product. 

After leaving the site, you notice ads for this store pop up on other sites around the web. That’s no coincidence. The website you originally browsed is retargeting you. 

Why small businesses should retarget consumers

People’s attention spans are short. An interruption or distraction may have caused your visitor to abandon their cart at checkout. They forget about it and, when they resume the search for a product, end up buying it on another website. 

That’s why retargeting should be part of your small business marketing strategy. It reminds the consumer of your product and drives them back to your website. 

According to AdRoll,  74% of Australian marketers say they saw a significant increase in online conversations with retargeting campaigns. 

The reason it works so well is because the visitor has already shown an interest in the product. A reminder may be all they need to return to your site and complete a transaction.

How retargeting works

The most popular platforms for retargeting campaigns are Facebook ads and Google Ads. Retargeting works as follows:

  • You place a JavaScript code, called a pixel, on your website.
  • A visitor lands on your website. 
  • When they leave, the pixel drops an anonymous cookie on their browser.
  • As they move around the web, the cookie follows their activity and notifies the retargeting provider (Google or Facebook) to display ads on the sites they visit. 
  • When the visitor sees the ad, it rekindles interest in your product. They click the ad, return to your site and purchase the product.

Retargeting is one effective way to market to customers. For more marketing ideas, download our ebook, 50 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Small Business.