One of the mistakes that small businesses commonly make is focusing all their efforts on acquiring new customers.

While you do need a steady stream of leads to help your business flourish, this should not be at the detriment of existing customer relationships.

In fact, studies show that it costs more to get new customers than it does to keep the ones you already have. That’s because retaining customers doesn’t require an all-singing-all-dancing marketing campaign. Rather, you just need to keep them happy by providing them with great customer service.

Why great service matters

  • If you treat your customers with respect and attention they’ll want to come back time and again. A happy customer is a loyal customer.
  • A happy customer becomes a passionate advocate for your small business. They’ll tell all their friends and family about how wonderful you and your products are. This is known as word-of-mouth advertising, and is one of the most effective forms of marketing there is.
  • It levels the playing field between you and the ‘big boys’ with large marketing budgets.

What great service looks like

  • Listening to them. While you may be the expert on their problem, don’t force your opinion or strategy on them.
  • Being responsive. Always email or call back the same day, even if you don’t have all the answers yet.
  • Keeping them in the loop. This is particularly important if there’s a hold-up from your end. People appreciate honesty, and will be understanding if you let them know about it in good time.
  • Delivering on your promises. Make sure that your product or service does what it says on the tin. Never over-promise and under-deliver.
  • A big smile and heartfelt ‘thanks’ at the end. To really stand out, consider sending a hand-written thank you card (especially after a major purchase.)

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