Plenty of small businesses make the effort to maintain a blog on their website. After all, business blogs are a great way to drive qualified traffic to your site, boost your SEO, and grow your brand’s reputation. 

Unfortunately, that’s where most businesses stop. They put all their time and effort into writing and compiling the post, and then just cross their fingers that potential customers will find it.

Unsurprisingly, that’s not the best approach if you want to get the best possible return on your investment. 

Simple, cost-effective ways to promote your business’ blog:

Promote your post on relevant forums and message boards. 

This is particularly important if you’re a B2B company. Make sure you’re a member of industry forums, and make a habit of sharing your posts in a place people are actively seeking more information and advice. Apart from formal message boards and forums, there are almost certainly LinkedIn, Reddit, and Facebook groups dedicated to your niche. 

Tailor your content to your target audience’s needs as well as your business goals. 

Blogging about the problems your potential customers are trying to solve right now greatly increases your chances of reaching new readers. Check out some more tips on what to blog about.

Send out to your email database.   

Subscribers signed up for your newsletter because they’re interested in what you have to say. If you’ve just posted a really awesome blog, let them know about it! If you post often, you can keep the ‘spammage’ down by compiling a weekly or monthly highlight emailer.    

Share on social media, and make it easy for your readers to do the same.

Go a little further than just copy/pasting a link to your Facebook page. Craft a tempting teaser for LinkedIn, use relevant and well thought out hashtags for Twitter, and add some captivating images for Instagram. Also, make sure your blog is set up with social sharing buttons, so followers who found your post interesting or helpful can spread your work with a single click.   

Let great content promote your blog for you! 

The best way to attract new readers and keep them coming back for more is by publishing posts that offer genuine value, while also entertaining. Aim to educate and inform, liven up your posts with suitable free stock images, talk about topical issues, and answer the questions your prospects are asking. 

Need help with that? Hunter & Scribe offers specialist content writing services for small businesses in Australia and worldwide. Let us handle the hard work for you!