Regardless of all the new social media channels which may sprout up from day to day, email campaigns are still an integral part of marketing. However,we live in a time when most people’s inboxes are being flooded by truckloads of emails each day. That means it’s easy for your campaigns to get lost in the shuffle.

So what do you do? Make your emails stand out by following the tips below:

  1. Pick the best sending time

According to Hubspot, emails should be scheduled to send based on recipients’ time zones. Chances are that if an email lands in a prospective client’s inbox in the middle of the night, they might miss it entirely.

  1. Catchy subject line

For 50 or so characters, the subject line carries a lot of weight. At the end of the day, how engaging it is will often determine if your email gets opened or not. So consider the words you choose very carefully. And, if it suits your business brand, consider using emojis.  

  1. Engaging content

For an email to inspire response from prospects the text and design need to work together symbiotically: emails need be easy to read, visually appealing, and not hard to understand.

Consider these tips when writing an email:

  • Concentrate on selling your offer and not the product or service.
  • Focus on your main points, making sure that you focus on one offer, one message.
  • Drive your readers to take action.
  • Include attractive visuals which support copy without confusing the reader. 
  • Write sharp, short, concise copy, and break up the text with bullet points wherever possible to add more readability.

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