Do you feel like your current brand is outdated and doesn’t work for you anymore? You’re not alone. Change can be a good thing, and it’s important for brands to evolve over time so that they stay relevant.  

However, many business owners can’t differentiate between a brand refresh and a rebrand. On the surface, they may seem similar but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find them as different as night and day. 

A brand refresh means updating your brand while a rebrand means tearing down your old identity and building another from scratch.

How can you tell if your brand needs to be refreshed?

Here are three reasons why you should consider refreshing your brand.

  • Your brand could be outdated. Times are changing, and with the advancement in technology comes new features and designs. We all feel the need to keep up with the times. Who likes being left behind anyway? Probably 0.05% of the human race and we’re positive that you’re not part of that percentage. So, why not?
  • Have you added a new product or service to your business? Yes? Great! Anybody out there who understand business would recommend a refresh. It’s a great opportunity to advertise a new product/service. 
  • Growth of your brand. With the growth of your brand comes the need to expand it; more staff, more products/services, new features to the posters and business cards…..

How exactly can you go about refreshing your brand?

You can refresh your brand in several different ways. For example: 

  • Change your brand voice. Perhaps the authoritative tone you were using was not as effective as you thought. Perhaps switch to a more enticing tone, say, a blend of kind, fun and intellectual to perk up your audience’s interest?
  • Update your website. Information and SEO practices are constantly changing. You should consider scouring your website and replacing irrelevant information with well-written updated content that is search engine friendly.
  •  Adjust your logo. If you have made changes to your small businesses service or product offering, you can add or take off features from your logo.

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