As with most social media platforms, the key to your small business doing well on Instagram lies in boosting your engagement rate. An engaged following helps you build a growing community around your small business. That means more people see your content, and the more likely they’ll take action after they’ve seen it– be that visiting your website, buying your product, or calling for more information.  

How do you measure engagement?

On Instagram, engagement is commonly measured by the amount of: 

  • likes
  • comments
  • views
  • interactions
  • clicks

How do you get more engagement?

By being authentic. Instagram is a people-centric platform, so you need to talk to your followers as people, not just another number in your sales book. Be honest, be real, and show the struggles behind the wins. Being authentic helps to build connections with your followers, and helps them emphasise with your small business. 

By using the right hashtags. Hashtags are vital if you want to increase your small business’ visibility on Instagram. It’s how people find new accounts to follow. But don’t stick 50 vaguely relevant hashtags on every single post and hope for the best. Rather do some research and try and find the most relevant ones for your brand and customers. 

By writing better captions. Don’t post an image without writing a caption. Why? Because posts with well-thought-out captions perform better engagement wise than those that don’t. Captions give your images context, stir emotions, and express your small business’ personality – all excellent ways of increasing engagement. They can be long and tell a story, short and sweet, serious, thought-provoking or funny. 

By creating relevant, interesting and useful content. When creating your content, stop and think if it will be interesting or useful enough to get your followers to engage with it. As with most forms of marketing, the more you can do that the more people will want to consume and engage with your content. 

If you’d like help with crafting compelling content for your social media that helps position your small business as the go-to-expert, our team at Hunter & Scribe can help. Talk to us at [email protected]