As the owner of a small business, you inevitably become the face of your brand. And turning your passion for what you do into engaging video content that connects with your audience is a fantastic way to market both your company and yourself. 

The benefits of building a personal brand for small business owners in Australia 

Your primary goal might be building your business, but as the main representative of your company, establishing your personal brand is important for a number of reasons. 

  • It’s great for networking. When potential contacts can connect with you on a personal level, they’re more likely to approach you with business opportunities. 
  • It gives your business a personality. Companies aren’t as easy to empathise with as real live humans. If your audience finds you likeable, they associate those positive feelings with your company too.
  • It improves your online visibility. Even before Covid, the world was becoming a very digital place. Establishing a strong personal brand online will help you – and therefore your business – stand out.   
  • It’s a chance to showcase your experience, talents, and expertise. Building a personal brand helps show potential business partners and customers that you know what you’re talking about!     

In addition to tools like articles and podcasts, video marketing can be a highly effective way of building both your personal and brand reputation. 

Why video marketing is a great way of building a personal brand

Did you know that video is consumer’s number one favourite type of content to see from brands on social media? The same goes for building your personal brand. 

In addition, while sharing content like articles helps to establish your authority and knowledge, being able to see you ‘face to face’ through a video helps emulate the real-world experience – and that makes video marketing an extremely useful tool for creating attention-grabbing, memorable content in a way other formats may not. 

One of the reasons people like video content is that it’s generally easier to absorb and digest the information presented. After all, most people are visual learners. So if you’re trying to get a point across and build your personal brand, video marketing is arguably the best way to do so.  

Tips for building a personal brand using video 

Have a strategy.

Don’t just record videos because you think you should. Carefully consider what exactly you want to achieve, and lay out some steps to help you get there. That will in turn inform the kind of content you create. 

Act natural.  

Unfortunately, most people get a little awkward and uncomfortable the moment the camera comes on – and that’s not the image you want to portray. Just as when dealing with customers face to face, your body language is important when recording videos. Take lots of time to practice if you need it.   

Let your personality shine through. 

Audiences appreciate honesty. If you’re naturally a little goofy, then don’t feel you need to stifle that.

Keep it short. 

If you’re sharing your videos on social media, remember that people generally have a lot of other stuff to look at! Keep it brief and on-message so your audience watches to the end. 

Lights, camera, action!

It will probably take a fair bit of experimenting before you find the right place (a quiet, well-lit one) and the right angles and equipment to use. There are lots of helpful resources online to help you get it right. 

Of course, a great video starts with a great script! Having your ideas clearly outlined in a conversational style will make recording your personal-brand-building-videos a breeze. If you need help with that, Hunter & Scribe’s talented content writers are ready to assist. Contact us by emailing [email protected]