Growing a Facebook following takes time. Sponsored ads are one way to attract followers but not every small business can afford to run frequent campaigns. You’ll have to learn how to attract them organically.  Here’s how to do that without paying for ads.

Why every small business needs a Facebook group

Facebook groups are an effective way to reach new customers because most people willingly join a group. They join because they want to engage with others around a shared interest. That makes marketing to them easier. Once they become part of your tribe, they’re open to what you have to offer.

How to grow your Facebook group without paying for ads

When you first create a Facebook group, getting just one person to join is tough. Start with people you know — friends, family, existing customers, and invite everyone in your business network. To attract new group members, take the following steps.

1. Promote it across all digital channels

Digital marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It requires an integrated approach across various channels. First, add the link to your Facebook group on your website. Place it in a visible spot, like at the top of the page. Include it in all your email marketing campaigns, advertising, video marketing, and promote it across all your social media accounts. 

2. Start a conversation

Facebook groups are all about chatter. That’s why people joined your group — to interact with others around topics that interest them. To encourage engagement, you need to start a conversation. Ask a question, run a poll, or post a controversial opinion. Strike the right chord with your audience and it’s a conversation that can go viral.

3. Get personal with your followers

A Facebook group is a great place to show your soft side. This is your tribe. They’re already fans. The next step is to create an emotional connection. Sharing your struggles and triumphs gives your fans something to identify with. The more you let them into your world, the more they’ll trust you and want to do business with you. 

Lastly, post regular content to your Facebook page. If you need help creating content, contact Hunter & Scribe on [email protected]