The main objective of content marketing is to attract traffic to your web page in the hope that some of that traffic converts into customers. If people aren’t reading your content, the opportunity to click through to your web page is lost and so is the chance of gaining new customers. 

That’s why getting people to actually read your content is so important. It can help grow your small business.

So how do you get people to actually read the content you spent so much time writing?

Create content that’s relevant to the audience

How much content do you read that doesn’t interest you? Not much, right? Neither does anyone else. People tend to click on content they relate to and skip the rest. 

So, the first step in creating readable content is to define your audience. That way, you can create content that’s relevant to them. You can go one step further and segment your audience and then tailor your content for each group.

Make your content scannable

The way people read online content is different to how they read a physical book. Many people will leisurely read through a book while content is consumed quickly. Most people skim an article and some read just the headline. 

A 2008 study by the Nielsen Norman Group showed that people only read about 20% of a web page. They followed up with another study in 2020 and found that not much has changed. Most online readers still skim a page and pick out the most relevant or interesting information. 

To encourage people to read some or most of a content piece, make your content scannable by:

  • Using sub-headings. When people skim a page, they tend to read the sub-headings first.
  • Keeping paragraphs short — stick to five sentences or less. Big blocks of text are hard to read. Shorter paragraphs add more white space that’s easier on the eye. 
  • Using bullet points or numbered lists. 
  • Using pull quotes. They draw the eye to key information on the page. 

Content can easily fall into a black hole if you don’t apply certain principles to your content marketing. Writing readable content is the first step. That’s something we can help with! Our team of copywriters can help with blog articles, social media posts, email marketing, and more. Contact us at [email protected].