Many small businesses don’t formally advertise their products or services – their customers do it for them. And getting testimonials is a great way to get new customers because the hard work of selling your product or service is already done.

Mostly a customer will refer your business to a friend or colleague when speaking to them. That means the testimonial ends there. 

But if you have a testimonial that’s in writing, you can post it on your website or social media pages and reach more people.

So how do you get written testimonials?

You can ask people to write a review on a consumer website and then repost the best reviews on your social media pages or website.

Another idea is to pre-write them. For example, you can write a few testimonials based on what customers generally say about your business. Then you place the testimonials on cards and leave them on your reception desk. 

You can tell your customers that if they want to refer you, they can easily do so just by selecting one of the cards and writing their name on it.

Or you can email your customers two or three pre-written testimonials. Ask them to reply with the number of the testimonial they’re willing to attach their names to – or do nothing otherwise.

If you make it easy for customers to give you a review or testimonial, there’s a good chance you’ll get more of them. And by pre-writing them you can ensure they’re persuasive and polished. 

Need persuasive testimonials? Just tell Hunter & Scribe what your customers generally say, and we’ll write the testimonials for you. Email [email protected] to discuss your customised options.