Reviews are the new ‘word of mouth’. Research shows that the majority of online shoppers trust the experiences detailed by other consumers, and their purchase decisions are made based on this feedback. 

So how do you get your customers to review your small business to help boost your reputation and sales?

What are the benefits of having positive online reviews? 

In 2018, Google noted that “Mobile searches for “best” had grown over 80% in two years, and mobile searches for “reviews” increased by 35%.” 

Asking your happy customers to share their experiences is key to boosting your SEO ranking and sales. Google uses positive reviews to give authority to your business and your services. Reviews could also be the ultimate reason customers choose you over your most direct competitor. 

So how do you solicit genuine, positive reviews?

Most of us are guilty of being quick to complain – but not as quick to offer positive feedback when we experience great service or a fantastic product. There are TWO key steps to get more reviews from your clients: ‘the request’ and ‘the process’. 

The request

Always time your request for a review well. It’s important to make the request personal and genuine. After the customer has experienced your product or service, send them a personalised email, call them, or prompt them as part of your automated sales funnel to give feedback. Don’t just send a “Dear customer” survey, or try to bribe them with discounts for positive reviews. Your small business relies on relationships, so leverage those personal interactions with your clients to prompt them for a review.

The process

Make the review process AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE. Send customers a convenient link, or make the review system on your website easy to find and navigate. There are a number of convenient apps and website widgets that can help you do this. Make use of social media and the built-in review systems too. 

  • Ensure your small business is registered on Google so that customers can post reviews. 
  • Ensure your Facebook page is set up as a Business, and the reviews are enabled. 

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