As a small business, you’re trying to build your brand’s presence among more established competitors, and that’s not easy. You may have a flawless product but if people don’t know of or trust your brand, they may not buy it. Content marketing is one way to market your brand and build credibility. 

Why content marketing is a good way to establish credibility

Out of a population of 25.6 million, there are 22.3 million internet users in Australia. That means most Australians are using the internet to communicate, find information, read news, and search for products to buy. Content marketing can help you reach those people. 

When you share relevant, well-research and in-depth content, people take notice. Most people are looking for solutions to problems. When your content provides trustworthy answers, you start to gain a reputation as an authority in your industry. 

Three types of content that build credibility

Content marketing is a broad term and you may not know what type of content is best to build credibility. These three types of content can improve your brand’s authority and establish credibility.

1. Blog articles

Building a library of high quality blog posts improves your SEO which, in turn, helps people find your content. If your blog articles are interesting and informative, it can pique the reader’s interest to explore your company’s products and services. For an extra boost in authority, guest post on high-authority blogs.

2. Ebooks

Ebooks are a great way to build your company’s authority. Ebooks should provide more in-depth information, research, and analysis. The content should be backed up with valid facts and statistics. Cite reliable sources and include quotes from industry authorities.

3. Case studies

One of the best ways to build credibility is through testimonials and case studies. People trust what other consumers say more than a brand PR statement. So, let your success stories do the talking for you. A case study should describe the problem, show how your company solved it and how your client benefited from the results.

If you’re struggling with content marketing, turn to the experts. Hunter & Scribe is a content agency that specialises in helping small businesses develop a strong brand voice. Email us at [email protected].