Small businesses need to spend their marketing budget wisely to ensure the highest return on investment. 

Email marketing is an efficient and easy way that you can level up your small business marketing by directly reaching out to your customers, expanding your client base, and creating a good reputation. However, curating and crafting an email newsletter that your customers will love may present a bit of a conundrum.

Here are five ways to make your email newsletters work for you:

  1. Create catchy subject lines

DO write good subject lines and say what’s inside while keeping it short and simple

DON’T use a noreply email name, or go for the sale

  1. Dedicate time to design

DO make it fun and inviting, with photos that include people, while staying on-brand

DON’T make it generic, text-heavy, and avoid ads where you can

  1. Create good content

DO use guest posts from niche influencers, and make content engaging, interesting, and relevant by keeping it tapping into your experience, successes, and failures

DON’T rely on rehashed content, rewriting existing articles, or long-winded posts

  1. Create segmented lists

DO split your subscribers into segmented lists to personalize content and keep it relevant

DON’T mass-mail everyone the same information

  1. Time it well

DO ask your subscribers how often they’d like to hear from you and honour that choice

DON’T bombard your subscribers with several emails a week

Email newsletters is one of the best small business marketing tools and it is easier to do than one might think.

The time of any small business owner is valuable, and outsourcing your email newsletters to an experienced company can help you overcome the initial learning hurdles. 

If you want good-quality marketing newsletters that will engage your customers and grow your brand but you’re unsure of how to effectively do it yourself, outsource your email newsletters to the content gurus at Hunter & Scribe. Contact [email protected].