Any small business that wants to be successful must develop a solid marketing plan.

That’s because small business success and good marketing go hand in hand.

Many small businesses, though, struggle with marketing. It’s not enough to create a great product or service – you also need to let customers know about it. That’s where marketing comes in. And marketing becomes much easier when you have a plan. 

Here’s a four-step process to make it happen.

Know your target market

The first step is to figure out who is likely to buy what you’re selling. Your focus should be on your biggest customer segment (such as women aged 30-50). Your marketing plan should be about reaching this segment and fitting your marketing strategy to their preferences.

Know your customers

This is different from your target market. To effectively market a product or service, you need to know who or what influences your main buyers. For example, what hopes, fears and values most concern those hypothetical women aged 30-50?

Know your unique selling point

Why should people buy from your small business instead of all the others? This is why you need a unique selling point. It might be that your product is more durable or that your small business provides better customer service or a million other things. Whatever it is, you need to mention your USP in your marketing.

Know your purchase timeline

Knowing how long you have to convert a customer will help you streamline your marketing campaign to their decision-making process. Products that need to be moved quickly might require aggressive marketing tactics, while evergreen products be better paired with more patient marketing tactics.

Creating a marketing plan is not a one-time event. The document should be reviewed at least once a year, and edited as required.

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