There is no doubt that among the many social media tools out there, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms there is for small businesses.

LinkedIn not only provides an effective online environment for professionals, it’s also a useful small business marketing tool for people providing services and products. 

That’s why it’s so important for you to create a comprehensive, well-written LinkedIn profile. 

Profile photo

Start with a strong, relevant photo. This will not only make you look professional, it will also increase your chances of attracting people instantly. 


Next, try to think of a strong, relevant headline. This is important, because the headline is located right under your name and could catch the eye of potential connections. Make sure you include useful keywords, which means you might need to expand your job title by including some skills. 


The summary is where you highlight your experience. While there are specific areas on your profile where you can provide details about your work experiences, you should use the summary to provide an interesting sneak peek at your professional expertise. 

Work experience

This section acts as your online resume, so make sure it’s both comprehensive and accurate. Pro tip: just copy/paste information from the resume you created when you last looked for a job. 


Again, make sure this section is comprehensive and accurate, and that it matches whatever you included on your current resume. You should include the names of the schools/universities you ended and the qualifications/degrees you completed. 

Skills & endorsements

List all the skills you can think of, but make sure not to exaggerate, as you could get caught out. Also, try to solicit endorsements from current and former colleagues, suppliers and clients, as these will provide valuable social proof.


Some users do not consider this section to be of much importance, but you should. The ‘interests’ section gives your visitors a view into what you like to follow, which gives you a chance to make connections with like-minded professionals.


Publishing articles on LinkedIn is a great way to highlight your expertise. Your articles will not only be shared through LinkedIn news feeds, they will also be searchable outside LinkedIn (provided that your settings allow public viewing). 


Short, sharp posts are another way to highlight your expertise, and also to keep reminding connections that you exist. 


Providing insightful comments on other people’s posts and articles can get you far on LinkedIn. Again, this will highlight your expertise. As an added bonus, you will make the author feel appreciated.

All in all, Linkedin is a valuable tool for small business owners who want to build their professional networks, both in Australia and overseas.

Start marketing you and your small business by creating a great LinkedIn profile that will showcase your best qualities, skills and professional achievements.

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