Facebook is one of the best tools for helping a small business generate awareness with its target market. 

It is easy to set up a business page: simply click the drop-down menu on the top right side of your personal page. Choose ‘Create Page’ and follow the instructions.

To get maximum impact from your small business Facebook page, try to tick as many of these boxes as possible: 

Cover photo and profile image – Upload pictures that will entice your target audience and highlight your professionalism. These can be your logo, shots of your team, or images of your products or services.

Services – Be specific about what you do or sell, as most people like knowing if you have what they need before getting in touch.

Reviews – Always encourage your clients to leave ratings and reviews, because they can act as powerful social proof for your small business.

Shop – This is where you start your marketing strategy. People visiting your page can easily choose what they need and want from your business if you have a shop category where your products/services and prices are listed.

Offers – Having a sale is always a great way of attracting more visitors. Offer discounts and coupons more effectively using this category.

Posts – Post regularly so your brand stays in the mind of your target audience.

Events – This category allows you to promote any events held by your small business.

About – This is where you give a brief and concise description of your business.

Groups – By creating a group, you create a space where your audience can casually engage, share ideas and feedback, and make inquiries. 

While it is possible to market your small business through your personal Facebook page, creating a dedicated business page is best practice, because it creates a clear separation between your personal life and your business activities. 

Starting a business page is free, so every small business in Australia should have one.

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