Do you wholeheartedly trust someone you do not know? I don’t think so. Trust is earned, so the saying goes. Helping people get to know you better would be the key to helping them trust you. The same applies to your small business. The best place to introduce your company and lay the foundation of trust is the ‘About Us’ page on your website. 

What’s the purpose of an ‘About’ page?

If introducing yourself is the foundation, and the rest of the website is the walls, then the About page is the windows. This is where you let everyone see inside. 

It’s important to make sure that your About page is inviting to search engines too. Don’t be fooled into thinking this page doesn’t need to be optimised. The truth is you should optimise your small business marketing on every page of your website.

Most important – and this is a paradox – although this is called the ‘About’ page, your reader actually wants to glance through the windows and see nuances of themselves. Yes, you read that right. Your ‘About’ page has to be written so that your visitors discover the answer to their question, the solution to their problem, the “thing” they are looking for. 

What should be on your ‘About’ page?

Write these words down:
Now, think of your business and answer those questions.

Who are we?
Why do we exist?
What do we do?
When do we do it?
Where do we do it?

And, most important …
How can we do it for you?
Or, better still …
How we can do it for you!

Answering these questions, with a tie-in to show that you understand your visitor’s needs and wants, will make them feel like your ‘About’ page is safe. Your website, the online house of your business, can feel like home. 

Don’t forget to include a ‘Call to Action’

It’s great that you have given your website visitors an honest look inside your website home and made them feel like they can trust you, but don’t forget that your website’s primary purpose should be marketing your small business. 

Don’t leave your visitors standing outside looking through the windows. The Call to Action is equivalent to a host opening the door and saying, “Hey there. Come on in.” 

Whether the CTA takes them to a free offer, your products or services page, or your Contact Page, be sure to make it clear and inviting enough that they gladly cross the threshold and let you take them on a tour. 

Want a persuasive and trustworthy About page for your small business website? The expert writers at Hunter and Scribe can help! Send us an email for more information.