Maybe you think you’ve got the marketing end of your small business all sorted out – your website’s as SEO-optimized as can be, and your social media accounts are looking spiffy. 

But don’t make the mistake most small businesses in Australia tend to do – neglect their email marketing

Whichever stage your small business marketing may be, email marketing can help drive results for you – web traffic, conversion rates…whatever “results” may mean for you. 

Some of the strongest benefits of email marketing (when done right) include:

Benefits of email marketing for small businesses 

  • Craft highly targeted campaigns based on different segments of your audience
  • Higher ROI – they already gave you their email address 
  • Further direct your audience to other marketing channels 
  • Easily automated for less hands-on work 

But, how do I craft great emails people will actually want to read?

We’re all guilty of this – joining an email list to get a certain freebie or discount code, only to unsubscribe afterwards. 

Check out these guidelines you can apply for making great marketing emails that your audience may even look forward to.

Characteristics of a great marketing email

  • You address them by name. The subject of the email is arguably even more important than the content itself. Make it personal and use their name in the subject line itself.
  • You make sure they know it’s you. You don’t want to come off as spam. Be relatively consistent with the content and timing of your emails.
  • You get to the point. Make it snappy and sweet. Is it a special discount, is it an awesome event? Why would this email matter to them? 
  • You’re not misleading them. Your subject line has to match what you’re offering within the email itself.
  • You give them a place to go to. The end goal of your email is usually to send them somewhere else – make it clear how.

While you could go through all the trial and error to see what works best, you could also outsource your email marketing to Hunter & Scribe. Come say hi to us at [email protected]!